Yoga for Gay Men

One of BSY's fundamental principles is about creating community and shared experiences.   Our Yoga for Gay Men classes are fun, sociable sessions, with a spirit of adventure and shared development.   We always go for a social afterwards, usually a drink and a bite to to eat, and the group is very welcoming to new members.

No prior experience is necessary.  The class is great if you've never done yoga before but have a reasonable degree of physical fitness, or if you have an existing practice but want an opportunity to develop and grow. Part flowing sequences and part static postures, the teachers give clear easy instructions in layman's language (no sanskrit or chanting in these classes), and we focus on key postures, breathing, developing strength and balance. You'll learn to connect mind and body and develop a deeper understanding of your own physicality.

If you have any questions about this class please drop us an email via the Contact page.