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Craig Norris

Yoga Teacher

Craig has been offering teachings of Yoga and meditation for 20 years. He has studied and taught various styles including; Satyananda, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Baptisite and Forrest, he has also taken further trainings in Yoga therapy with Yoga Campus and the Yoga Biomedical Trust and studied Sanskrit, Vedic chanting and Kirtan (devotional chanting) and also interweaves Buddhism and Shamanism into his teaching. 

He is passionate about the spiritual within these practices but also looking to break away from dogma and blind belief. This has led him to study an MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology which he is writing his dissertation on the spiritual experiences of lucid dreamers. 

Craig is also a Breathwork facilitator and Vortex divine energy healer. His intension is to share spiritual practice to create an opportunity for healing and change, so that one might live a life that is empowered, awakened and full of joy.



Forrest Yoga for Gay Men

Named after the creatrix of this style, Ana Forrest, Forrest Yoga is an inspiring, grounding and deeply healing yoga practice. Guided by the breath, the intelligent sequencing will build your flexibility and strength while relieving tension.

Forrest Yoga has a strong focus on core strength. Expect to work with postures unique to this style, breathe deep, hold the poses for that tad bit longer, release stress and truly connect to your self with compassion. Suitable for those working with injuries, many options and modifications are given throughout while still building up to try out more adventurous poses.

Craig offers helpful adjustments for those who want them (consent is always requested before any adjustment), whilst keeping a close eye on everyone in the room and offering individual feedback to ensure everyone is working to the best of their abilities.

This style of yoga is traditionally taught in a heated environment: the warmer atmosphere contributes to the improvement of flexibility. For this class the room will be 'warm', not the traditional 42 Celsius, but even so you should be prepared to get a little more sweaty than usual!

It is a therapeutic practice both emotionally and physically, connecting you deeply to your sense of self.


Ability Level

75 min

All Levels

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