Matthew Gough

Owner & Yoga Teacher

Matthew has been teaching yoga for three years and practicing for more than 10.  As a latecomer to yoga he's particularly keen to bring yoga to people that that think yoga isn't for them:  "if I can do it, so can you"!


His yoga style is down to earth, practical, physical, straightforward. A mixture of static poses and flowing sequences, his classes are mindful but not spiritual, welcoming and accessible to everyone regardless of your belief or spirituality. There's no chanting, no sanskrit, no music, just a safe friendly environment to be who you want to be.


You'll learn about alignment, balance, strength, flexibility, and how to work with your own body in the way that's most beneficial to you.  Expect support and encouragement, and hands on adjustments if that's something that will help your practice. Come with an open mind and bags of enthusiasm!