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Yoga for Gay Men

Sunday 16th Feb - 2pm

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T&Cs apply - see below

Feb 2020 BaFfF

Bring a Friend for Free!

T&Cs apply - see below

5-class bundle


Must be used within 12 months of purchase

T&Cs apply - see below

10-class bundle


Must be used within 12 months of purchase

T&Cs apply - see below


Feb 2020 "Bring a Friend for Free Offer"

  • Friend cannot be an existing student of BSY.

  • Existing student should email yoga@brewerstreetyoga.com to introduce friend and confirm which class they want to come to together.

  • Friend requires Gymcatch signup.

  • Offer can only be used once for the same class, but can be used multiple times over different classes.

  • Not for use with any other offers or promotional codes.

  • Offer subject to availability of two spaces in the class.

  • Standard Class T&C's apply, see below.

Free Classes

  • Free classes must be booked via Gymcatch.

  • Your credit card will be charged one pound, which will be refunded.

  • Standard Class T&C's apply, see below.


  • Personal belongings: We cannot accept liability for any damaged, lost or stolen personal items.

  • Studio Etiquette: we expect all students and teachers to behave in accordance with common decency. Respect, courtesy, and good manners are essential. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who we consider to be behaving inappropriately.

  • Personal Hygiene: Sharing a studio space with others requires basic hygiene. Please ensure you are fresh and clean before attending a class.  Students are politely requested to wipe down studio mats after a class.

  • Carbon Footprint and Environmental Policy: at BSY we are striving to be zero waste and have a minimal impact on the environment. As such we'd appreciate it if you could consider the following:

    • Do not use a single use water bottle. 

    • Please take any rubbish/recycling away with you.

    • We use a towel for hand drying in the toilet rather than paper towels or a blow drier.  If the towel needs changing you'll find a spare one in the cupboard.  Please let your teacher know if you change the towel.

  • Data & Privacy: by booking a class with Brewer Street Yoga on GymCatch you consent to receiving occasional emails about classes, workshops and retreats.  Your data is stored in a Mailchimp database that is GDPR compliant, and will never be sold or used for any other purpose.

Bookings & Cancellations

  • Bookings:

    • All classes and private sessions are prebook only through GymCatch.  There is no drop-in option for any of our classes.

    • Class Bundles: Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.  You can only use your bundle to pay for yourself  – multi-booking on a bundle is not possible.  Class bundles are non-refundable or transferable.

    • Class bundle purchases do not guarantee availability of a space at any particular class or time. All classes must be booked on Gymcatch using a credit from the bundle.

    • One to Ones: Bundles valid for one month from date of purchase.  Confirm slot BEFORE purchasing a bundle. An agreed slot will held for 24 hours.  Not purchasing a bundle within 24 hours of agreeing a slot will forfeit that slot.  

  • Cancellations for classes: We operate a 24-hour cancellation policy for all our classes. 

    • Early cancellations: All cancellations before the cancellation window should be made via your account on Gymcatch. If you paid by class bundle you'll be refunded to that bundle. If you purchased an individual class you will be credited a single class bundle to use when you rebook which is valid on all classes.

    • Late cancellations: Cancellations within the 24-hour window should be made on Gymcatch to allow someone else to take your place. It would be appreciated if you can also contact the teacher directly (Whatsapp or email).  Please note that unless your place can be filled from the waiting list you will not receive a refund. 

    • No shows: If you are booked onto a class and fail to show up, your class credit will still be deducted from your account and is non refundable.

    • Late arrivals: Please contact your teacher directly if you're going to be late.  We can be flexible, but only if we know you're coming!

  • Cancellations for one to ones: We operate a 24-hour cancellation policy for all our one to one sessions.

    • Early Cancellations: for cancellations before the cancellation window contact your teacher directly to reschedule. ​

    • Late cancellations: for cancellations within the cancellation window contact your teacher directly. Reschedules for sessions within the cancellation window are at the teacher's discretion. 

  • Promotional Codes (PCs): we offer various promotional discounts from time to time

    • PCs are to be used in accordance with the description in the codes 'additional information' section.

    • PCs are offered in good faith and at the discretion of BSY.  Anyone found to be abusing them may be banned from the studio.

    • PCs may be modified or withdrawn at any time.

    • Some PCs may have additional restrictions. These will be detailed elsewhere in these T&Cs.