Our procedures exceed government guidelines.  Whilst we could fit in more, we're limiting class sizes to ten students to provide both a safer experience and a better yoga experience. Our air extraction system is 100% fresh air, and can completely replace the air in the studio in a few minutes.  We have an industrial grade floor cleaner that is significantly more efficient than just a mop and bucket. 

When attending an in-studio class at BSY it is vital that you adhere to our procedures regarding Coronavirus, including adhering to the Student Covid Safe Declaration. 

Student Covid Safe Declaration

Students practicing in-studio will be required to demonstrate that they are "Covid Safe" before joining a class. Until the official NHS covid passport system is available there will be several ways to do this.  On arrival at the studio you must do one of the following:

  • Confirm you have been vaccinated in line with the current UK vaccine schedule by showing your NHS Vaccine Card or Immunisations record via the NHS app

  • If unvaccinated but you have a vaccine booked, show your vaccine booking confirmation text/email

  • Show proof of date of birth if your age group hasn't been called at that point

  • Show an official letter confirming your exemption status

  • If unvaccinated you must show confirmation of a negative test result within the last 72 hours

BSY will not be keeping a record of "Covid Safe" status and you may be required to present this documentation each time you attend class. 

NHS Test & Trace

  • BSY is registered with the NHS Test and Trace programme. Please download the app and check in when attending classes.


  • Do not attend class if you feel unwell.

  • Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before class is due to start, and please leave promptly at the end.

  • If you are able, please arrive 'yoga ready' so you don't need to use the changing room.  You may bring your belongings into the studio with you.

  • You are encouraged to wear a face covering at the studio in common areas including the stairwell, lobby and changing room.  You are welcome to remove it during class if you choose.

  • Please BRING YOUR OWN MAT. Studio mats will NOT be available. Please contact us if you are unable to bring your own mat so we can make arrangements.  Place your mat within the markings on the floor, please do not reposition your mat. Studio Mats will be available for hire if you are unable to bring your own at a charge of £3, payable at the studio, contactless payment only.

  • One person at a time in the following areas.  Please use the mirror at the top if the stairs to check blind spots.

    • downstairs entrance hall/corridor

    • on the stairs

    • upstairs lobby

    • changing room

  • hand sanitiser is provided at several points around the building, please use as often as you need​.


  • Please use the antibac spray provided; before your visit for your own benefit, and after for the benefit of others. We suggest this method:

    • Spray the toilet lid and seat and clean with a paper towel (from the white dispenser)

    • Spray the flush handle as above

    • Spray the taps and door lock as above

  • Do NOT put paper towels down the toilet, please use the bin provided.​