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What we're about

You. Not the crowd

We're not a yoga factory. We prefer smaller, more focussed classes - we want you to feel part of a family.


Our carefully-selected teachers can give more personal attention to your needs and interests. Perfect for beginners and advanced students alike.

There's a safe space and a warm welcome for you at BSY.

..with new friends..

In an increasingly-isolated online world, we're in danger of losing touch with one another.

We're rebelling against that. Yoga is about a healthy body and mind. And we think yoga is a great way to develop new friendships and build community.

Many of our members, especially from our men's classes, make new friends with frequent post-class social gatherings. a great location

We love Soho, one of the world's great centers of social buzz.


It's a fantastic place for a regular yoga class with friends, whether a relaxed afternoon stretch, a more invigorating after work power flow, or a sociable combination of stretching and flowing together at the weekend.

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