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Antonio Blanco

Yoga Teacher

Antonio first encountered Yoga in 1997 in Mexico, he was instantly drawn by it as he noticed then, that the effects of the practice  are very different from those experienced as a result of the practice of other disciplines such as sports or dance.

In 2013, he completed his 200+hrs teacher training with with Anna Ashby and Joey Miles at triyoga London. While on his training he got reacquainted with  Iyengar yoga finding himself deeply inspired by the principles and method of the practice. A few years later, in 2018 with the mentoring of senior teacher Alaric Newcombe, he earned his Introductory level 1 and 2 certification in Iyengar yoga.

Antonio continues to study with various teachers to continue developing his teaching and practice and he is currently working towards the next level of certification in the Iyengar method.

Antonio teaches in a lively yet precise and thorough manner encouraging clarity and a joy. He is actively involved in performing arts and holds a professional diploma in physical theatre and corporeal mime.



Iyengar Inspired Yoga for Gay Men

Having trained in the Iyengar school of yoga Antonio's classes are focused on active alignment and posture. Each posture is cued and demonstrated in clear detail, so you know exactly what you're supposed to be feeling, and where. There is extensive use of props (yoga blocks and straps etc all of which are provided for the class). This class is accessible and fun and suitable for all levels of practice, from beginner to experienced Iyengar practitioner.

Antonio offers helpful and sensitive adjustments for those who want them (consent is always requested before any adjustment), whilst keeping a close eye on everyone in the room and offering individual feedback to ensure everyone is working to the best of their abilities.

No prior experience is necessary, and the class is friendly and fun. It's great if you've never done yoga before but have a reasonable degree of physical fitness, or if you have an existing practice but want an opportunity to develop and grow. You'll learn to connect mind and body and develop a deeper understanding of your own physicality, and if you're lucky you'll even get some show tunes thrown in!


Ability Level

75 min

Mixed Ability

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