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Conleth Kane

Yoga Teacher

Conleth started his yoga journey back in 2007. He immediately went straight for the hot, Bikram (now known as "26x2 Yoga") option and has never looked back. He was hooked and has been practicing regularly ever since. Conleth views yoga like a language - there are always new words to learn. His main reason for starting yoga was to 'lose a bit of weight', but quickly discovered the huge amount of mental benefits that came with being a yogi.

'I never realised just how hard it was to be still. We live such fast-paced lives and I found it a huge challenge to just not move. So many people assume that the Bikram/26x2 is all about sweating and struggling. Of course they come with the territory but for the first time in my life I discovered the importance of breathing and stillness. I crawled out of my first class panting for water - now I am able to face the challenges this particular yoga brings by purely focusing on stillness and breathing, and that of course has spilled over into my everyday life. I'm so grateful for the tools it has offered me. It saved me, especially during the pandemic. This time inspired me to finally become a teacher and I adore teaching this particular style of yoga to students. It's a real passion of mine'.

Coming from a background in professional theatre - Conleth knows how to hold a room and deliver the 26x2 dialogue in a way that encourages and empowers his students. Expect to push boundaries in your yoga practice and step outside your comfort zone. There is a focus on breathing, stretching, balancing and spine strengthening in his classes. 

Conleth qualified in November 2022 and currently teaches at 8 hot yoga studios in London. He is so excited to start teaching at Brewer Street Yoga. As well as being a newly qualified yoga teacher - Conleth is an independent Singer/Songwriter with 3 albums up his sleeve and is a regular on Cabaret, Music and Festival stages all over the world!



26+2 (60 min) Hot Yoga

This class is perfect for those wishing to try yoga as the 26x2 sequence was originally designed as a beginners class. There are 26 postures with some repeated during class, interspersed with rest poses and two breathing exercises allowing time between each pose to rest and process.

Conleth will lead the class purely with dialogue, and the beauty of this class is that it never changes and so there is a real opportunity to notice improvements week by week. Same words, same postures, leading to deeper understanding. This is an 'express' version of the 26x2 sequence and runs for 60 minutes.

This style of Hatha Yoga is traditionally taught in a heated environment: the warmer atmosphere contributes to the improvement of flexibility. For this class the room will be 'warm', not the traditional 42 Celsius, but even so you should be prepared to get a little more sweaty than usual! This is a workout that requires true discipline and focus and if they are areas of your life that you wish to build on, or you simply enjoy familiarity in your yoga practice - then this is the class for you!

The 26x2 series really strengthens the legs and the spine, as well as providing a true mental workout as well as a physical workout. Like most yogas, it reduces stress, contributes to weight loss and overall body strength and with that little bit of extra heat thrown into the mix - a more intense feeling/workout is offered to the lungs, heart and muscles.

Things you'll need specifically for this class
• Comfortable clothing you can easily move in: small shorts and T-shirt/vest are perfect, though many chose to take the class shirtless. Speedos/trunks are also appropriate.
• A water bottle and a towel or two are *essential* - you will be sweating a LOT in this class, so a second towel on your mat is strongly recommended.
• If this is your first time attending a 26+2/bikram class we recommend taking a spot towards the back of the studio so you're able to see what other students are doing.

Due to the nature of this class it is not possible to join us if you arrive late. Doors will be locked at 7.25, so please be on your mat by this point to allow a punctual start.


Ability Level

60 min

All Levels

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