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Matt Smith

Yoga Teacher

Matt came to yoga, movement and exercise later in life after a personal transformation, with a background in science and a passion for understanding movement and fitness as a whole.

He endeavours to create environments for all bodies to learn and explore in a safe and friendly manner. With past experiences ranging from strength and conditioning to rehab to endurance and also teaching both yoga and anatomy at a teacher training level he looks to combine all of this to bring a twist to yogic practices that allows individuals to take what they need and learn from the rest.

He enjoys being the unexpected yoga teacher, leading classes that allow yoga to be developed for modern lifestyles.



Big Boy Yoga - modern yoga for all body shapes

Somewhat doing what it says on the tin: Yoga led by someone thicker of frame, combining anatomy and science to figure out how all bodies can achieve the same thing from a yoga class.

There's no chanting or sanskrit in these classes, and Matt will offer helpful adjustments for those who want them (consent is always requested before any adjustment), whilst keeping a close eye on everyone in the room and offering individual feedback to ensure everyone is working to the best of their abilities.

A blend of strength, flexibility and mindfulness, this class is suitable for all levels with styles blended from hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga.


Ability Level

60 min

All Levels

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