Fridays, 6.30pm

Friday Night Men's Naked Fitness

When: Friday 6.30pm

Duration: one hour

Where: Brewer Street Yoga
Price: £15

Payment Method: Book on-line

Difficulty: Intermediate

Who these classes are for: 

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.What you need:

  • A face covering

  • This is a naturist class so no clothing please, no exceptions

  • A refillable water bottle (not plastic please) and a towel

  • Please note there are no showers at the studio


Life sometimes puts unavoidable delays in our path, and if something means you'll be late please don't worry: you're welcome to join when you arrive (within reason!) .  All we ask is that you let us know so we can prepare a space for you and let the other students know. 

How many students will there be? 

In-Studio classes are limited to 8 students with greater than 2m physical distancing.


Please have a look at the Yoga and Health section before attending a class for the first time. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us in advance of attending a class. 

I still have questions! 

That's totally fine! Have a look at our FAQ section and if that still doesn't answer your question drop us an email here.

20 Brewer Street, Soho, London W1F 0SJ

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