Coronavirus and Naturist Classes

All naturist classes and activities at BSY are postponed for the foreseeable future.  As soon as we're able to open the studio again we'll be back with our regular schedule of classes and workshops.  

We have a full schedule of on-line classes which you are welcome to join, see here, though we ask if you choose to practice naked please turn your camera OFF as participants are visible to everyone in the class.

Naturist Classes

Mens Naked Yoga - Five classes a week

Mon & Thurs 3.17, Mon 7pm, Sat 12.30, Sun 10.30

Brewer Street Yoga is the ONLY studio in Central London to offer a full programme of naked yoga classes for men.   These classes are friendly and very popular, and a great way to practice yoga with like minded guys.

Click below to find out more about the different styles on offer!

Friday Night Man Time Out

Third Friday in the month - 7.00pm 

BSY in collaboration with BeNKD presents: Friday Night Man Time Out. 

This friendly men only naked evening event is an exercise session and a men’s confidence circle. It’s the first and only one of its kind in London. The first sessions in 2020 were popular and great successes and this event is now a regular fixture at BSY. 

It’s your opportunity to work out, celebrate being you, get together as men and break through society’s conditioning, body image beliefs and stereotypical barriers of being a man

Handstands and Inversions - Mens Naked Yoga

Fourth Friday in the month -  7.00pm 

Doing handstands is cool, right? They may be cool, but they are also extremely good for developing body awareness, strength (particularly core and upper body), and mental focus. The principles of going upside down will bring a new perspective to your existing practice, and we'll be looking at some of the underlying building blocks you need to tackle these challenging poses safely and with confidence so you can bring this extra dimension to your yoga journey.


In this monthly workshop we'll be using these building blocks to work into a series of inverted poses: crow, forearm balance, and full handstand.  I'll be showing you ways to build strength and stamina targeted at inversions that you can easily take away and do at home.