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'Just' come along and do some yoga... it's as simple as that. It's a word we hear all the time in yoga: "just fold forward and touch your toes", "just lift that back foot up off the floor". Well at BSY we've reclaimed "Just" to mean "here's a thing that sounds simple, but really isn't, and only your yoga teacher can make it look easy"....

...because they're a yoga teacher!

It is called a Yoga Practice because that is 'just' what it is: a group of likeminded people coming together to practice their yoga: no judgement, no competition, 'just' likeminded people sharing an experience.

Sometimes the 'just' can be the hardest thing. Just do this thing I'm showing you. Just stick you arm up here, just get your leg out over there. Now get it higher, just a bit higher!

Our neon 'just' is a little reminder that each time you come along to just another class, stretch just a bit further in a hold or dive just a little deeper into a session you are also doing something that is simply just amazing. And, let's be honest, being amazing can sometimes be hard work too!

It's 'just' yoga.... :-)


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