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Studio Etiquette

Carbon Footprint and Environmental Policy - at BSY we are striving to be zero waste and have a minimal impact on the environment. As such we'd appreciate it if you could consider the following:

  • Do not use a single use water bottle. 

  • Please take any rubbish/recycling away with you.

  • We use a towel for hand drying in the toilet rather than paper towels or a blow drier.  If the towel needs changing you'll find a spare one in the cupboard.  Please let your teacher know if you change the towel.

Studio and classes

  • No shoes in the studio, please leave them in the racks provided in the entrance hall.

  • ​No mobile phones in the studio.

  • Respect your fellow yogis.

  • If you've used a studio mat please wipe it down after class. 

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