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Saturday 15th Feb 2020, 2.30pm-4.30pm

Couples Yoga - Valentines Special

When: Sat 15th Feb 2020, 2.30pm-4.30pm

Where: Brewer Street Yoga, 20 Brewer Street (entrance on Greens Court), W1F 0SJ
Price: £50 per couple

Payment Method: Book on-line

Difficulty: Mixed ability, everyone welcome

Brewer Street Yoga and Keep it Conscious are collaborating! London’s love-birds, we are talking to YOU!

About this workshop:

Dig out those yoga pants and dust off your crop tops come and join us for an afternoon dedicated to Yoga for couples lead by BSY’s Matthew and KiC’s Emma.   After introductions, we’ll start the session limbering up and grounding down with a partner based asana practice led by our very own Matthew: 


“Finding and strengthening connection with a loved one through yoga can bring a profound and lasting closeness to a couple.  We’ll work on some shared breathing exercises to synchronise our brains, and then we’ll work into some partner poses to synchronise our bodies.


Trust, respect, inquisitive learning, mutual understanding. All these can be developed through a playful shared yoga experience. And you’ll be able to channel this into your own personal practice too!”


After a short break Emma will take the reins, and will guide you through ways couples can spend quality time together, and introduce you to some proactive techniques that help you keep, and deepen your connection: 


“Yoga inspired movement and breath work form the basis of my part of the workshop, and whilst some of it will be physically challenging, you will leave feeling deeply relaxed and nourished. 


Using our breath and our bodies as tools for self regulation and to help regulate our partner, is effective in a way that I wish I had discovered years ago. And, it’s totally available - we are always with our body! I’m going to offer you some tools you can throw in the mix when your connection needs that  extra boost!


Lifting and supporting each other physically and mentally, you guys will have fun, learn some new tricks, and spend quality, connected time together.”

Who this workshop is for: 

Couples of any persuasion who want to explore new elements of their relationship. Neither of you a Yogi? Only one of you a Yogi? No worries! This workshop is for beginners and regular practitioners, and will focus on the internal processes as well as increasing your capacity for more advanced movement.  

What to wear/Bring:

  • something you can move in - no jeans - shorts and a t-shirt are fine, trackie bottoms and a sweat top also fine!

  • A yoga mat if you have one.  Mats are provided, but for hygiene reasons your own mat is recommended.  No problem if you don’t.

  • some socks and maybe a jumper for the breath work

  • A refillable water bottle (not plastic please) and a towel if you choose.

  • Note that there are no shower facilities at this venue.

  • There will be a photographer present at this event. 

emma acro.jpeg
Seb Acro gimp.jpg


Life sometimes puts unavoidable delays in our path, and if something means you'll be late please don't worry: you're welcome to join when you arrive (within reason!) .  All we ask is that you let us know so we can prepare a space for you and let the other students know. 

How many students will there be? 

The venue has a maximum capacity of 20, so ten couples. Please note that it is NOT possible to drop in. Please use the button above to book.


Please have a look at the Yoga and Health section before attending a class for the first time. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us in advance of attending a class. 

I still have questions! 

That's totally fine! Have a look at our FAQ section and if that still doesn't answer your question drop us an email here.

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